terms and conditions

* Once you make the payment, you have to send us your business information; logo, descriptions, images, contact, address, etc. to be displayed on your website. Please, send us your business information and images as much as possible to be displayed on the Home, About Us, Contact Us pages.

* We do not write content or edit images for your website. Our job is to create a professional website using the contents you supply to us and manage the web hosting for you.

* We do not upload images or do customization after your website has been made live on the internet. It is your job to upload images and create content using our powerful visual builder. We make video tutorials every now and then so you will not have any problem managing your site.

* Please, send us a 16:9 aspect ratio 1080 pix HD images for your website banner or sliders.

Once you pay us, we start spending our time and energy, paying the bills like registering the domain name and other expenses for your website. Therefore, we cannot make any refund once you make the payment. However, we guarantee that you will not be upset with our service. The service and value we provide are more than the little cost we charge. So, you do not have to worry about making the wrong choice.

* As for our Starter Package, Name Card is a free bonus gift. So, you have to accept whatever design we give you. We do not printout the name card for you. We will send you high-resolution JPEG images which you can printout. 

* Our Starter Package does not include any special customization or features like time table, planner, booking, etc. that require additional programming. It will be only a mixture of texts and images customized beautifully.

* We do not hand out the website designs and coding. However, if you want to stop using our service but need the website designs and coding to be hosted on other hosting companies, you will be given all the designs and coding at the additional charge of $200.



Website Starter Package

Our Business Package

Our Premium Package

Payments Are Only For The First Year

Only $199 From The Following Year

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